You can’t stop the waves from coming, but you can learn how to surf.
— John Kabat-Zinn

Is NICU Healing Right for You?

Working with a therapist is a unique opportunity for the parents of a preemie or medically fragile child to develop tools for coping with a very different parenting experience than they expected. This different experience can be seen as something that endows parents with a perspective that is very valuable: no one appreciates even the littlest of triumphs of their children more than a NICU parent.

It is important for parents to make the time and space to process their own traumatic experience, and to reevaluate their hopes and fears for their child or children. Moving forward, by examining your experience, adjusting your beliefs and by learning how to cope with the unknown, a NICU parent has the unique ability to be incredibly strong for their child/ren, and to develop a very deep attachment with them.


For more information about NICU Healing, and to schedule a free 60 minute consultation with Kara Wahlin, please fill out the following questionnaire, including any specific questions you may have about the program.

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Name *
Do you have intrusive thoughts about the NICU?
Do you feel alienated from the people in your life that you once viewed as a support system?
Has your relationship with your partner been affected negatively by the stress of being in the NICU or having a medically complex baby/babies?
Do you feel that your attachment with your baby/babies has been adversely affected by their NICU stay or subsequent medical needs?
Do you have nightmares about the NICU or difficulty sleeping?
Have you or your partner turned to negative coping strategies (substance use, emotional "shut-down", etc.) in order to manage your experience of the NICU?
Do you feel as if you are a spectator to your baby/babies' life, watching what happens as an outsider might?
Do you avoid reminders of the NICU when they present themselves ?
Do you feel afraid to be optimistic about your baby/babies?
Do you feel like you are unable to effectively support your partner?
Do you feel like you're unable to "get back to normal" after this experience?
Do you feel "robbed" of your pregnancy/birth experience/expectations of parenthood?
Do you feel like the people around you simply can't understand how you feel?
Do you often think about whether your baby/babies will have lasting effects from their prematurity/medical needs?
Do you feel guilt about your baby/babies' hospital stay, even though you know it was not your fault?
Do you feel at a loss as to how to move forward with your life, even after your baby/babies' discharge from the hospital?

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