Q: Which is the right program for me-- individual or couples?

A: If you're interested in partaking in the NICU Healing program and aren't sure which format to take-- examine the different issues in your life and try to identify those that are the most challenging. Do you feel that your relationship with your partner is suffering and are you both willing to try and change things? Do you have concern about your attachment with your baby or have you been experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression that have been very concerning to you?

Q: What if 8 weeks isn't long enough to resolve the different challenges that I am facing?

A: Although the NICU Healing programs are 8 weeks long in their structure, all clients have the option to continue working with me as a therapist, at a weekly rate of $125 per session for individuals, and $175 per session for couples. Additionally, if you feel/we find you may need more intensive help than NICU Healing can reasonably provide you with, I will refer you to counselors or programs in your area that will help provide a continuum of care in moving forward.

Q: It's so expensive! Is there any way that insurance can cover my participation in NICU Healing?

A: Unfortunately I do  not work with insurance companies to provide services, as I do not diagnose my clients. I can provide you with a "Super Bill" that details the amount you've spent on therapy, which some PPOs will then reimburse. Prior to taking the NICU Healing program, check with your insurance provider to see whether they cover therapeutic services and for what percentage of the costs they would reimburse you.

Additionally, NICU Healing provides clients with the option of several different payment plans, designed to help minimize the impact of the cost of the program to parents. If you have any questions regarding payment or would like to negotiate a different payment plan based on your financial circumstances, please contact Kara Wahlin directly via email to discuss these ideas.

NICU Healing was created with the knowledge that having a premature or medically complex baby can create very significant financial challenges for a family, and so I try to make the program as accessible as possible. I encourage you to reach out to me if the fee is too high, as I will do whatever I can within my means to provide you with services.

Q: When is the optimal time to take the NICU Healing program?

A: NICU Healing is designed to reach clients at varying stages of the NICU experience. Clients with a baby currently in the NICU, within the first few months after being discharged, and even into the first few years of your child's life can all be served by the NICU Healing program. Clients feeling as though their marriage is falling apart or suffering serious damage due to the NICU experience should seek out the couples program as soon as possible. Another time it might be especially useful for parents to take the program is either prior to a subsequent pregnancy or in the early parts of it. 

I recommend taking the program as soon after the NICU experience as possible, as studies have shown that the earlier that clinical interventions take place, the less likely it is for parents to develop symptoms of PTSD, etc. Many circumstances, however, can prevent parents from taking the NICU Healing program early in the process, which does not negate the value of the program or make the program less useful to clients. If you feel you need help processing the NICU experience, the program is available to you at any point, and will be modified to suit yours and your family's specific needs.

Q: I had a moderate to late-term preemie. Is NICU Healing only for the parents of very early preemies or very sick babies?

A. No, NICU Healing is for parents of babies of all gestational ages and degrees of fragility. Studies have shown that there is no significant difference in the experience of trauma for parents of babies that have to spend time in the NICU. Long story short, even the parents of babies who spend a week in the NICU can and do experience trauma and can be deeply affected by it. If you feel that your ability to bond with your child, your ability to feel healthy and safe, or your partnership has been affected by your child's NICU stay, NICU Healing is a viable option for you, and not just for parents of extremely premature infants.

Q:  Can I take part of the NICU Healing program without committing to all eight weeks of the program?

A. Because NICU Healing is therapeutic in nature, the optimal way of taking the program is by committing to all eight weeks of it. Each week of NICU Healing prepares the client for the next week. Without all eight weeks, the healing potential of the program is greatly reduced. There is flexibility in how long each week of programming takes to complete, and clients have the option of taking up to 6 weeks on each clinical goal, based on their ability to complete the therapeutic tasks of that goal. As NICU Healing is catered to the needs of each individual client, the timeline will be discussed by clients with Kara Wahlin at the time of service.

After the program is complete, if you feel that you (as an individual or couple) need to do more work, we can continue at an hourly rate in the future, to build on what you've already accomplished.